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Backrooms TCG, LLC

Backrooms TCG™ Kickstarter Print Playmat

Backrooms TCG™ Kickstarter Print Playmat

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Step into the immersive world of The Backrooms TCG™ with our exclusive Kickstarter Sighton Playmat. This premium-quality playmat, measuring an expansive yet gaming-friendly size, provides the perfect canvas for your strategic battles. Crafted from durable, high-grade materials, it ensures a smooth card handling experience and steadfast protection for your treasured collection.

Sighton, the enigmatic guide of The Backrooms, watches over your game, emblazoned in vibrant, full-color artwork that brings the lore of The Backrooms to your tabletop. This playmat isn't just a gaming accessory; it's a piece of art, a collector's item, and a snippet of the world you love, ensuring every draw from your deck is steeped in the essence of The Backrooms TCG.

Whether you're delving into a solo session or displaying your love for the game, this Kickstarter-exclusive Sighton Playmat is an essential addition to any player's arsenal.
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