Gold Tape Card

The Gold Tape item card provides an intriguing layer of strategy to the Backrooms TCG™. This item, while appearing as a simple roll of golden foil tape, hides a much more captivating purpose. Elegantly inscribed with enigmatic runes—reminiscent of ancient Sanskrit or perhaps an undiscovered form of writing—the tape possesses an almost magnetic ability to wrap around and bind any Entity of Red Light Rarity or lower. This results in the permanent neutralization of the Entity, allowing you to strategically clear your path through the Backrooms. Beware though, as this tape does exert a toll on the user's Sanity, reflecting the challenge of wielding such a potent artefact. In addition, the Gold Tape's binding properties fall short against more formidable Entities, who can tear through its delicate structure with ease. Despite these drawbacks, the Gold Tape remains a prized asset in your arsenal of tools to navigate the ominous and unpredictable labyrinth of the Backrooms.

Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths --Elizabeth I