Laughter Card

Encounter the tormented Laughter Entity in the Backrooms TCG™, an entity born of eternal hilarity and ceaseless suffering. Unlike its Smiler counterpart, Laughter is marked by an unending laughter that serves not as an expression of joy, but a source of agonizing torment. Visually similar to the Smiler, Laughter is characterized by its constant laughter, often seen with tears streaming down its face in an eerie portrayal of despair. The entity seeks temporary respite by latching onto a Wanderer with a bite, pulling its prey into the encompassing darkness, never to reemerge. The uncanny resemblance to Smilers posits a fascinating theory - is Laughter an evolved form of Smiler, cursed with eternal, painful laughter? Unravel this intriguing paradox as you navigate through the unending corridors of the Backrooms.

There is little success where there is little laughter --Andrew Carnegie