Ancient Strangler Card

Dive deeper into the terrifying world of the Backrooms TCG™ with the formidable Ancient Strangler, an entity steeped in the dark and chilling annals of history. This ghastly predecessor to the Strangler traces its origins back to the era of the Black Death, an age marked by fear and devastation. Dressed in a seamless, hooded cloak, its entire being is shrouded in mystery. Its bird-like plague doctor mask, reminiscent of the historical physicians of the plague era, is seemingly fused to its garb, further contributing to its menacing appearance. An ominous black glove covers one hand, while the other has been morphed into a deadly weapon, a hook that can stiffen into a piercing weapon or bend and flex into a tentacle-like instrument, perfectly adapted for its chosen method of execution — strangulation. This chilling entity is immune to the effects of liquids and spores, with only physical attacks proving effective against it. The Ancient Strangler card introduces a formidable adversary to the Backrooms TCG™.

I embrace my rival, but only to strangle him --Jean Racine