Tsuchigumo Card

The entity card of Tsuchigumo presents a formidable adversary, masterfully blending the reality of our world with the mystical maze of the Backrooms. This 16-legged, multi-eyed behemoth of a spider holds a lineage rooted in the ancient tales of the "Land of the Rising Sun". Its tale of survival over millions of years is intertwined with those lost in the Backrooms, its voracious hunger undiscriminating in its choice of prey. Intriguingly, Tsuchigumo has seemingly breached the boundaries of the Backrooms to etch her existence into the folklore of Japan. While this beast may appear invincible, she is susceptible to all attack items a Wanderer may carry. Tsuchigumo stands as a daunting presence in the Backrooms, a terrifying testament to the amalgamation of our reality and the bewildering labyrinth of the Backrooms.

Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught --Honore de Balzac