Baktēria Card

The Baktēria Entity Card brings forth an enigma of profound mystery in the Backrooms TCG™, a towering 12-foot structure of a creature assembled from an uncanny amalgamation of water pipes, electrical wiring, latches, panels, and fragments of drywall. Its haunting and imposing figure is centralized by a crosier nestled within its chest area, serving as the life-force propelling this relentless hunter. This crosier, an ecclesiastical symbol historically associated with the Good Shepherd and a sign of ruling power, is indicative of the tenacious and indomitable nature of Baktēria. The name of this formidable entity is derived from the term used by Eastern churches for a pastoral staff, replete with a tau cross or two serpents facing each other on top. Once it sets its sights on a Wanderer, Baktēria never ceases its chase. It's an unfathomable entity, bound by neither the constraints of time nor mortality, reinforcing its indelible presence by re-emerging in the Pull Pile upon defeat. The Baktēria Entity Card encapsulates an eternal nemesis that looms in the shadows, forever haunting the labyrinth of the Backrooms.

Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey --Lord Byron