Ancient Conductor Card

As the Ancient Conductor, the entity's form is dramatically amplified by the greater powers of the Backrooms. This enhanced manifestation accentuates his alignment with the uncanny labyrinth, stripping him of the last vestiges of his humanity and transforming him into a monstrous, specter-like figure. This form was once his constant state, imposed upon him to ensure his total obedience to the Backrooms' overlords, enabling them to exert complete control. Only recently has he been allowed to regain some elements of his humanity, a reward for fulfilling his orchestrated duties meticulously. However, this concession is tenuous. Failure to comply with his assigned duties threatens to plunge him back into this gruesome state, serving both as a stark reminder of his past servitude and as an impending consequence for non-compliance. The Ancient Conductor represents the horrifying pinnacle of the Backrooms' power - a grotesque testament to lost humanity, enforced obedience, and the dreadful possibility of perpetual punishment.

My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk --John Keats