The Lecture Hall Card

The Lecture Hall card introduces a unique twist within the Backrooms Trading Card Game, guiding players into a seemingly out-of-place, expansive space within the typically confined corridors of the Backrooms. This card depicts a mysteriously deserted lecture hall, its grandiosity quietly echoing tales of gatherings past. The single path that runs through it represents the only way forward, compelling players to traverse this intriguing anomaly. Offering a tantalizing prospect of undiscovered resources, the Lecture Hall card turns the exploratory aspect of the game on its head. Yet, the potential for unforeseen dangers lurking in the forgotten corners of the hall adds a layer of suspense. Drawing this card symbolizes a journey through a junction of knowledge and mystery, where the promise of beneficial items is counterbalanced by the ever-present uncertainty of the Backrooms' hidden threats.

"O! Desolated Scotland, too credulous of fair speeches, and not aware of the calamities which are coming upon you! If you were to judge as I do, you would not easily put your neck under a foreign yoke" --William Wallace