Lady Lindy Full Art Card

Lady Lindy emerges as a pillar of resilience in the baffling maze that is the Backrooms. Her attire, a stylish lavender pilot suit, complements her pragmatic yet fashionable goggles, always at the ready on her forehead, reflecting an aura of unyielding preparedness. Exceptionally skilled in survival, her indomitable spirit shapes her into the quintessential companion for navigating this enigma. Having chosen to wage her personal war within these perplexing confines, she becomes a source of sanity restoration, an invaluable trait in this surreal reality. In addition, she holds possession of a rare Painite Gem. Her style and character resonate with echoes of a time long past, instilling a comforting sense of familiarity amidst the bewildering landscape. The full art depiction of Lady Lindy, crafted meticulously by Richard Smith of the U.K., captures her resolute confidence and strength, enhancing the feeling of security she provides on the challenging journey through the Backrooms.

Time is flying never to return. --Virgil