Mr. Freeman Full Art Card

Mr. Freeman, a resident expert in the Backrooms, is a former historian and physics professor. His unyielding curiosity drives him to decode the enigma of the Backrooms. Adorned in scholarly garb and surrounded by his meticulous notes, Mr. Freeman stands as a pillar of intellect within the labyrinth’s eerie expanse. Despite his vast intelligence, Mr. Freeman’s theories often veer into elaborate yet misguided interpretations of the Backrooms. Nonetheless, his deep well of knowledge contains crucial insights that can significantly aid explorers. His presence boosts your Pull Pile (PP) Card Count Score by +2 for each pull, reflecting the substantial advantage his expertise provides. In the realm of companions, only one may occupy your Inventory at a time. To change companions, the current one, such as Mr. Freeman, must be consigned to the Discard Pile (DP).

He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger --Confucius