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MISCUT Promotional Booster Pack 2022

MISCUT Promotional Booster Pack 2022

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Immerse yourself in the realm of rarity with The Backrooms TCG's™ exclusive Leap Year Miscut Promotional Pack. Tailored for the ultimate collector, this extraordinary pack consists of 15 cards, with a limited print run of just 5000 copies. Within each pack lies a captivating assortment of 4 regular playable miscut cards alongside a standout full art holographic miscut card, destined to dazzle and intrigue. Distinguished by its miscuts, this pack introduces a unique twist to our inaugural collection, including the elusive Blusher - a treasure not found in the standard promotional packs and replacing the Smiler for a touch of the unexpected.

Registered with Beckett for grading, each card's value and rarity are meticulously underscored, making this miscut edition a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Spot Holographic foils of iconic characters like Scarlett Knight, Grawlix, Hound, Strangler, and the exclusive Conductor ensure each pack is a gateway to the enigmatic universe of The Backrooms TCG™.

Mark your calendars for February 29th, 2024. Available only during our leap year sale, this Miscut Promotional Pack offers a once-in-four-years chance to own a piece of TCG history. Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to expand your collection with these distinctive miscuts. Once they're sold, they'll never be replicated in this unique form, solidifying their status as prized collectibles in the annals of The Backrooms TCG™.

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