WEEK 7 June 17th - June 24th 2024

Here are this week's random challenges Flip a Position Token to reveal Challenge.

🔹 How to Participate:
Submit your best single run completing as many challenges as you can. Post your results and a brief summary of your adventure in the #challenge-submissions channel.

BTW its never too late to enter! You can get a coupon for 5% off just for acquiring 10 points!

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We can’t wait to see how you tackle these challenges this week. Good luck, adventurers!

Happy escaping!
And as always, stay safe out there

Hole in the Wall
Use Shrink Drink to go through a Punctured Wall. Can you find the drink and navigate through the tight spaces?

Hopper Hunter
Send an Entity to the Discard Pile using the Hopper Device. Use your gadgets wisely!

Super Mario Run (credit: @NowayArtemus)
You must have 4 different types of Shrooms in your inventory before escaping the Backrooms. Channel your inner Mario and collect those fungi!

Sweet Revenge
Defeat the Conductor with Crimson Knight as your companion. Team up for a powerful combo!

Pain Mode (credit: @NowayArtemus)
Engaged Unfriendly Entities deal one more DIH damage every round and reduce one extra Sanity upon engagement. Brace yourself for tougher battles!