Frequently Asked Questions - Backrooms TCG

General Questions

1. What is Backrooms TCG?

Backrooms TCG is a unique trading card game that focuses on suspense, exploration, and strategy. Players traverse the mysterious and often unsettling universe of the "Backrooms," a labyrinthine realm filled with various entities and challenges.

2. Who created Backrooms TCG?

The game was created by Aaron B. Juarez, a long-time fan of table games and trading card games.

3. How do I play Backrooms TCG?

Players use a deck of cards to navigate through the Backrooms, encountering different entities and facing various challenges. Each game session is a unique experience that can be played solo or shared with others.

4. Is this a multiplayer game?

While Backrooms TCG can be enjoyed as a solo experience, it is designed to also be shared and discussed with a community of players.

Gameplay Questions

1. What makes Backrooms TCG different from other trading card games?

Backrooms TCG stands out for its unique setting, intricate game mechanics, and focus on solo play. It doesn't rely on the usual tropes of cute evolving creatures or magical realms.

2. What kinds of cards are there?

Cards range from "Hallways" and "Entities" like Doll Face to special promo cards that introduce seasonal twists, like the "Holiday Harmonizers."

3. How does the sanity mechanic work?

Your character's sanity fluctuates based on encounters with various entities and situations. Sanity is crucial to survival and adds a unique layer of strategy to the game.

4. Are there any expansions?

Yes, we are continually updating the game with new expansions, each adding new challenges, entities, and mechanics.

Support and Community

1. How can I support this project?

You can support Backrooms TCG by purchasing the game, spreading the word, and providing feedback for future updates and expansions.

2. What languages is Backrooms TCG available in?

Currently, the game is in English, but there are plans for a Spanish-language version to reach out to the Latin American market.

3. Is there a community forum or social media page?

Yes, you can join discussions, share experiences, and get updates on our

4. Do you have any future plans for the game?

We have plans for continual expansion and updates. One of our goals is to translate the game into Spanish and expand into Latin American markets.