WEEK 6 June 10th - June 17th 2024

Here are this week's random challenges Flip a Position Token to reveal Challenge.

🔹 How to Participate:
Submit your best single run completing as many challenges as you can. Post your results and a brief summary of your adventure in the #challenge-submissions channel.

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We can’t wait to see how you tackle these challenges this week. Good luck, adventurers!

Happy escaping!
And as always, stay safe out there

Level 3 - Bleeding Out (credit: @NowayArtemus)
Escape the Backrooms with 4 DIH or less. Survival is key—can you make it out while on the brink?

Level 1 - Gift for Arch Raven
Gift Arch Raven Death Moth Jelly. Can you find this rare item and present it to Arch Raven?

Level 2 - Pain Mode (credit: @NowayArtemus)
Engaged Unfriendly Entities deal one more DIH damage every round and reduce one extra Sanity upon engagement. Brace yourself for tougher encounters!

Level 1 - Dissolving Painite (credit: @NowayArtemus)
If you have a Painite Gem when you reveal the Golden Stairs, flip your gem. If it lands Movement Side up, you lose it. Can you keep hold of your treasure?

Level 3 - Maximum Painite (credit: @NowayArtemus)
You must loot two Painite Gems in one game. Upon defeat, these Entities enter your Inventory and take up an Inventory slot. Can you gather these precious gems?