Snooze Shrooms Card

The Snooze Shroom card introduces an intriguing addition to the item repertoire within the Backrooms Trading Card Game. These unique mushrooms, characterized by their distinct white, pillow-like appearance, are indigenous to the Backrooms' labyrinthine landscape. Acting as a powerful somnifacient, the Snooze Shrooms offer players a stealthy advantage, allowing them to slip by otherwise obstructive entities unscathed as they slumber. However, this tranquilizing effect is fleeting, working its magic only once. Should a player stumble upon a used Snooze Shroom card while navigating the Backrooms, it must be relegated to the discard pile, leading to the inevitable reawakening of the previously dormant entity.

As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death --Leonardo da Vinci