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Welcome to The Backrooms TCG Tutorial Page - Your Gateway to Solitaire Adventure!

Unveil the secrets of The Backrooms TCG with our comprehensive tutorial page. Immerse yourself in the captivating full-color Rulebook, revealing every intricate detail and strategic approach to conquer the infinite maze. From room card placement to entity interactions, master the art of survival as a solo Wanderer.

Experience the thrill of the game in a digital realm with the Tabletop Simulator version. Explore the Backrooms in a virtual environment, strategically navigating through rooms, encountering entities, and collecting essential items. Invite friends to join you and witness the excitement as they marvel at your solo journey.

For those seeking immediate adventure, we offer a FREE PDF to print and play your own Starter Deck. Embark on a solitary quest, testing your skills against unfriendly entities, discovering powerful items, and pursuing the elusive Painite Gem. Unleash your strategic prowess and immerse yourself in the captivating world of The Backrooms.

Visit our tutorial page now and unlock the door to a mesmerizing solitaire adventure. The Backrooms TCG awaits your arrival. Let your friends marvel as they watch you conquer the maze and shape your own destiny. Begin your journey today!

Learn to play Backrooms TCG on Table Top Simulator. Playtest the Yellow Deck and no-clip into the internet's liminal space thriller. Master the strategic gameplay of Backrooms TCG on Table Top Simulator to enhance your skills. Experiment with the Yellow Deck for a unique challenge.


Print & Play

Here is the Yellow Deck to Print and play. Download the Yellow Deck to print and start playing Backrooms TCG, the only solitaire trading card game to collect. Explore the endless possibilities with the Yellow Deck, a must-have for any Backrooms TCG enthusiast.