Memory Fluid Card

Memory Fluid is a mesmerizingly unique item in the Backrooms TCG™ universe, offering a dual functionality that can have profound effects on both players and entities alike. This intriguing liquid possesses an unusual, brain-like consistency, appearing as if coalescent masses float and shift within its clear base, not unlike the familiar motions of a lava lamp. However, the true spectacle lies in its effects. When peered into closely, the fluid presents a fleeting montage of random images, a pastiche of ephemeral, false memories. Although it may disturb one's sanity, the Memory Fluid has the exceptional ability to reset certain aspects of the game or subtly manipulate entities, particularly the mournful Frowner. This dynamic functionality, combined with its peculiar physical attributes, imbues the Memory Fluid with an air of mystique and complexity.

The world forgetting, by the world forgot --Alexander Pope