Smiler Card

The Smiler Entity card presents one of the most unsettling encounters in the Backrooms TCG™. Resembling a floating ivory face, absent of a nose and eerily highlighting its opened eyes and grin, a Smiler is thought to be the base form from which all other entities emerge. Its full features are only revealed when brought into the light, magnifying the unsettling experience of its appearance. A constant hum, akin to a sigh with closed teeth, echoes from it, amplifying the ominous atmosphere. However, its primary goal is far more sinister - to capture you with its teeth and pull you into the everlasting shadows of the Backrooms. The Smiler's paralyzing gaze can cause hesitation or second-guessing in the bravest Wanderer. When a second Smiler enters the Field of Play, your path is completely blocked, adding an extra layer of tension to the journey through the Backrooms TCG™.

Look back, and smile on perils past --Walter Scott