Frowner Card

The Frowner entity is a poignant presence in the Backrooms TCG™, evoking a blend of fear and sympathy. Distinguished by its vast, void-like form that envelops any room it occupies, the Frowner emanates an aura of despair and melancholy. Although not a proactive threat to Wanderers, its form serves as a psychological deterrent by enveloping rooms in its sorrow. Enigmatic and haunting, the Frowner is a corporeal manifestation of black and green hues, with an eerie absence of features. Its most striking characteristic is a mouth that has been forcibly stitched shut with a thick rope, a detail as chilling as its purpose is mysterious. Offering it Memory Fluid triggers a fascinating transformation: the fluid's evocative images alleviate the Frowner's despair, causing it to recede into the shadows, thereby making the room traversable once again. The Frowner Entity card is a poignant exploration of sorrow and consolation in the enigmatic labyrinth of the Backrooms TCG™.

I must lose myself in action, lest I wither in despair --Alfred, Lord Tennyson