Lost Agent Card

Encounter the desperate Lost Agents of the Backrooms TCG™, a unique breed of human entities lost in their explorative endeavors. Dressed in protective hazmat suits, these once human researchers present a formidable threat to any Wanderer, as their growing desperation transforms them into aggressors. Their suits render them impervious to liquid or gas attacks, necessitating a strategic approach using physical weapons. However, Lost Agents are not without weaknesses - they are easily drawn towards any edible or visual distraction. Items such as Death Moth Jelly, Almond Water, or Scarabacks can effectively lure them away, using their desperate hope to escape as an advantage. These entities offer a gripping glimpse into the fate of those who have attempted, and failed, to comprehend and exploit the Backrooms for various institutions.

Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile --Abu Bakr