Strangler Card

Delve into a terrifying encounter with the Strangler in the Backrooms TCG™. A dreaded adversary with a chilling past, this entity has relentlessly pursued and ensnared Wanderers for centuries. The Strangler bears an eerie resemblance to a tall, bipedal bird, its form shrouded in glossy black feathers. Its elongated fingers, the very tools of its sinister trade, are perfectly evolved to coil around unsuspecting victims, strangling them with an icy grip. Despite its chilling effectiveness, the Strangler has grown somewhat complacent over the years due to its consistent success in its dreadful mission. The bird-like predator hails from an era steeped in darkness, its origins firmly rooted in the time of the Black Death, an eerie reminder of its deadly proficiency. Notably, its long beak, a prominent hallmark of that epoch, serves as a macabre echo of its antiquity.

His hands would plait the priest's guts, if he had no rope, to strangle kings --Denis Diderot