The Clocksmith Card

Stumbling upon the Clocksmith entity within the labyrinthine Backrooms can be a mixed blessing. This figure is an older, bald man, characterized by a short beard, an immaculate appearance, and a distinct precision in his movements. He dons a self-designed military-style uniform, further adding to his enigmatic aura. His purpose within the Backrooms remains shrouded in mystery, though he seems to be conducting an intricate study of time-related phenomena, meticulously observing things both in and out of place. His fearless demeanor is so imposing that it deters most other entities from engaging with him. An encounter with the Clocksmith presents a tempting gamble: attack him with the hope of obtaining a Painite Gem, or play it safe and be allowed to draw two item cards from the top of the pile. If unprovoked, he departs after engagement, leaving you to continue your eerie exploration.

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time --Leo Tolstoy, War And Peace