WEEK 4 MAY 27th-June 3rd 2024

Here are this week's random challenges Flip a Position Token to reveal Challenge.

🔹 How to Participate:
Submit your best single run completing as many challenges as you can. Post your results and a brief summary of your adventure in the #challenge-submissions channel.

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We can’t wait to see how you tackle these challenges this week. Good luck, adventurers!

Happy escaping!
And as always, stay safe out there

1️⃣ Level 1 - No-clip Surprise! (credit:Hass Thrift) -
During the no-clip round, deal the first 8 cards face down followed by the next 8 cards face-up (as normal) with 4 cards in your DIH. The face-down cards will act as surprises. When uncovered, reveal the card beneath. If it's an entity and there are currently no entities being engaged, you must engage the revealed entity. If it's an item and you have not picked up an item during the round, you must add it to your inventory. If you deck out, you must deal the cards as a no-clip surprise again.

3️⃣ Level 3 - Bleeding Out (credit: NowayArtemis) -
Escape the Backrooms with 4 DIH or less.

2️⃣ Level 2 - Greener on the Other Side -
Find your way out by exiting through Greener Pastures. Can you navigate your way to this elusive escape route?

4️⃣ Level 1 - Search for the Cube -
You must find and use the B.S.C.O.S. Device