• Aaron B. Juarez

    Aaron, aka "Gearsnakes"

    CEO and Creator of Backrooms TCG, LLC

    Born in Norwalk, California in 1978, he grew up immersed in the culture of the 80s, indulging in cartoons and Dungeons and Dragons. Witnessing the rise of the Pokémon TCG during his teenage years sparked a lifelong passion for collecting. Prior to delving into the world of TCGs, Aaron pursued various occupations, including roles at supermarkets and drug stores.

    His journey led him to pursue an AA degree in anthropology, driven by a deep fascination with human culture, myths, and legends. A father of two, he temporarily set aside his academic pursuits to focus on parenthood, only to return to college later to obtain another AA degree, this time in film production. Aaron's love for cinema, spanning from classic musicals to 80s sci-fi, ignited his passion for storytelling.

    It wasn't until he combined his love for solitaire card games with the intriguing concept of the backrooms phenomenon that the idea for Backrooms TCG was born. Inspired by the challenge of creating a collectible card game tailored for solo play, Aaron embarked on a creative journey to bring his vision to life. Over the course of two years, he meticulously crafted the game mechanics and characters, weaving them seamlessly into the captivating backdrop of the backrooms.

    In his role at Backrooms TCG, Aaron oversees all aspects of the company's operations, from website management to card design. Additionally, he personally fulfills every order, ensuring that each customer receives a personalized experience. With a dedication to providing a unique and engaging gaming experience, Aaron is committed to sharing Backrooms TCG with enthusiasts eager for a solo adventure in the world of collectible card games.

  • Corey Ward

    Corey aka “The Red Tide”
    Co-Owner and Chief Operations Officer

    Corey is a dedicated dad, husband, cook, musician, and creative person. His TCG journey traces back to the fond memories of his youth, where Pokémon captured his imagination. However, it wasn't until 2016, during Pokémon's 20th anniversary, that Corey rediscovered his passion for TCGs, setting the stage for an exciting resurgence.

    In 2022, fate led Corey to stumble upon Backrooms TCG, a game that seamlessly melds solitary gameplay with intriguing thematic elements. Initially a fervent admirer, Corey's involvement deepened when he reached out to Aaron, the game's creator, offering assistance with card typos and engaging in spirited discussions about mechanics.
    By February 2023, Corey's role had evolved from enthusiast to collaborator, as he joined forces with Aaron to shape the game's future. From rewriting the rule book to refining gameplay mechanics, Corey played a pivotal role in elevating Backrooms TCG.

    When the call came to lead the Kickstarter campaign, Corey stepped up, leveraging his skills to propel the game forward. And when unforeseen circumstances demanded action, Corey seamlessly transitioned into the role of Chief Operations Officer, ensuring the game's smooth operation during Aaron's absence.

    Today, Corey stands side by side with Aaron as Co-Owner, his influence evident in every aspect of the game's development. His unwavering commitment and creative vision continue to drive the success of Backrooms TCG, leaving an indelible mark on its journey

  • Ryan Hasselkus

    Ryan aka “Hass Thrift”
    Backrooms TCG Social Media Manager and Content Creator

    Ryan is a Scientist at a biotech company in Boston, MA working with stem cells to develop medicines that will improve the lives of patients. He grew up during the inception of Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh!, playing both of them casually with his friends on the school bus. Unfortunately, he gave away his entire card collection as a kid and it wasn’t until 2019 that he restarted his collection once again. As a result of this endeavor, Hass Thrift & Collectibles was formed.

    As Hass Thrift, Ryan has a passion for buying, selling, and trading collectibles including indie TCGs. One of his main goals as a collector is to collect one card from every card game ever produced. He currently has over 300 card games in his TCG museum. His passion for indie TCGs lead to his discovery of Backrooms TCG on Kickstarter, which caught his immediate interest as a solitaire trading card game. Ryan quickly became involved in the Discord community and posted gameplay videos on YouTube.

    As a result, Ryan was asked to join the Backrooms TCG development team as social media manager and content creator. This was a perfect opportunity to combine his passion for indie TCGs, Backrooms lore, and his experience in graphic design. When Ryan isn’t playing Backrooms TCG or creating content, he enjoys outdoor activities with his family and playing soccer.