Backrooms TCG

The Only Solitaire Trading Card Game

Duik in het griezelige universum van Backrooms TCG, waar een boeiende verzameling entiteiten op je wacht. Verzamel tijdens je reis essentiële items en vorm strategische allianties met bevriende entiteiten. Je primaire doel? Zoek de zeldzame Painite-edelsteen en beveilig je weg naar buiten. Vier onze recente triomf terwijl we dit avontuur met succes via Kickstarter hebben gefinancierd, dankzij de enthousiaste steun van onze donateurs!

Transforming the TCG Scene: Backrooms TCG™ – A Journey to the Unknown

The advent of a solitaire-focused trading card game, like Backrooms TCG™, marks a revolutionary shift from the conventional multiplayer-obsessed paradigm of the genre. This innovative stance on gameplay transforms the dynamics of the game, reshaping the player’s journey into an independent, introspective adventure rather than a face-off against rivals.

Contrasting many recent TCGs that seek to mimic the success formula of renowned fantasy or creature-centric games, Backrooms TCG™ charts its own course. It weaves its narrative around the unnerving concept of the Backrooms—an infinite maze of mundane, repeating rooms that players must traverse. This fascinating, uncanny backdrop adds a unique atmospheric layer to the game, an experience that remains unparalleled in the TCG world.

The characters and items inhabiting the Backrooms TCG™ universe deviate significantly from the conventional archetypes typically found in TCGs. Here, you won’t encounter cute creatures poised for evolution or medieval knights imbued with magical powers. Instead, you’ll meet a diverse range of peculiar, enigmatic entities, each with its own distinct behaviours and traits.

Similarly, the game’s items diverge from the expected power-ups or mystical artefacts. They are intrinsically woven into the game’s unique thematic fabric, reflecting the otherworldly essence of the Backrooms and introducing new strategic dimensions for players to navigate.

In summary, Backrooms TCG™ boldly defies the norms of the TCG genre, offering a refreshing and exhilarating alternative. It invites players on a solitary exploration through an eerie labyrinth, crafting an immersive gaming experience that starkly differs from the traditional combat-focused TCGs. With its pathbreaking approach, Backrooms TCG™ illustrates that innovation in this genre is not only feasible but can also yield captivating new ways to enjoy TCGs.