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Backrooms TCG™ Doll Face Starter Deck

Backrooms TCG™ Doll Face Starter Deck

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Introducing the Doll Face Starter Deck for The Backrooms TCG™, an innovative and groundbreaking entry into the world of solitaire card games. This meticulously designed deck is balanced to ensure an engaging and rewarding introduction for beginners, laying a solid foundation for you to explore and enjoy the unique gaming experience The Backrooms TCG offers. With this starter deck, not only will you learn the ropes, but it also serves as a springboard to build your own deck, incorporating additional cards to customize your playstyle.

This exciting deck includes:

  • 1x Golden Stairs Full Art
  • 1x The Void Full Art
  • 10x Hallway
  • 8x Corner
  • 8x Dead End
  • 2x Destroyed Hall
  • 2x Lecture Hall
  • 3x Electric Tennis Ball
  • 1x Almond Water
  • 2x Death Moth Jelly
  • 2x Liquid Pain
  • 2x Boom Shrooms
  • 2x Lost Agent
  • 2x Paper Snakes
  • 2x Death Moth
  • 2x Smilers
  • 1x Doll Face
  • 1x Doll Face Full Art Exclusive (HOLO FOILED)

Every card in this deck carries the Doll Face badge, further enhancing the theme and the aesthetic. Unleash your strategic potential with the Doll Face Starter Deck and take your first steps into the distinctive, immersive universe of The Backrooms TCG™.

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