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Backrooms TCG™: Limited Edition Monthly Holo Promo Cards

Backrooms TCG™: Limited Edition Monthly Holo Promo Cards

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Backrooms TCG™ Monthly Holo Promo Cards

Step into the labyrinth of the Backrooms with our exclusive Monthly Holo Promo Cards! Each card, available in limited quantities, not only enhances your gameplay but also stands as a collector’s item that captures the essence and artistry of Backrooms TCG. These holographic beauties range from powerful entities to rare items, each woven into the rich, unsettling tapestry of the Backrooms universe. Use the drop-down menu to select the promo of your choice, but act fast—these limited edition cards are as elusive as some of the entities you’ll encounter in the game. Elevate your deck and enrich your Backrooms experience with a piece of holographic wonder. Collect them all and truly become a master of the Backrooms!

Each month, we release a new card designed to keep continuous revenue flowing and avoid subscription models like Patreon. In 2024, our successful Kickstarter gave four backers the opportunity to design cards, which our team brought to life. This is the heart of our collectible factor, making these cards rare and only printed in quantities of 100 each month, with new artwork to add to the solitaire player’s gallery, helping in deck building to create the ultimate solitaire challenge. Only six cards are available for purchase at any given time, as vaulted cards are used for our community challenges and bounty challenges.

Current Available Cards:

January 2024: “Las Doce Uvas de la Suerte”

February 2024: “Ancient Blusher”

March 2024: “ElectroFest”

April 2024: “Martha”

May 2024: “Telepathically Hawkshaw”

June 2024: “Egress Feathergiest”

Elevate your Backrooms TCG™ experience with these rare, limited edition Monthly Holo Promo Cards. Each card is a piece of holographic wonder, adding depth and richness to your collection and gameplay. Act quickly to secure these elusive treasures and become a true master of the Backrooms.

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