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Backrooms TCG™ Premium Position Token

Backrooms TCG™ Premium Position Token

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Backrooms TCG™ Premium Position Token

Elevate your Backrooms TCG™ experience with the Premium Position Token. Expertly designed and rich in detail, this token adds a tactile dimension to your gameplay. Crafted from high-quality brass-plated zinc alloy, this substantial piece features two distinct sides. On one side, the navigational icon guides your movement through the intricate maze of the Backrooms. The reverse side showcases a vivid UV printed Painite Gem, an iconic image drawn directly from the back of each Backrooms TCG™ card.

When you successfully flip the token to reveal the Painite Gem, you can keep the gem side facing up as you chart your path through the Backrooms. With a diameter of 1.75mm, this token is both a practical gameplay tool and a striking piece of game art.

Derived from the very icons and illustrations on the cards themselves, the Premium Position Token enhances the immersive quality of the game, providing a tangible connection to the Backrooms universe. This is not just a game accessory - it’s a tangible piece of the Backrooms TCG™ experience.

This description maintains consistency with the branding, game character, and lore of Backrooms TCG, LLC, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience for your customers.

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